Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Darlene!

I want to wish my Best Friend the Happiest of Birthdays today!  I do not know what I would do without this amazing woman in my life!

I really only knitted on 2 things this week....my weekender (got it to 4") and a hat for Paige......

(the girls got me cookies from Panera for my return to work....YUMMY!

Darlene talked me into doing the WHNYearOfHatsKAL2019 with her.....we will see how far I get (it is all Darlene's fault!)

Paige is going to Atlanta in about a week (a Barber thing with Bizzle) so I made her the hat above.  I wanted to make Bizzle one too, so I started on a pink and grey mohair one.....

I wasn't in love with the result so I asked Paige what Bizz would want and Paige told me to ask Bizz....so I sent some pictures of yarn to Bizz and she picked this Undead Yarn with the same light grey mohair and a grey pompom....

So I frogged the pink and grey.....and started the new one.

I also got Paige to model my finished cardigan:

Did you see the blood orange moon....here is the Texas Longhorns Version:

Lastly.....I got a new Knitting Chair Lamp....it is all Darlene's Fault (again)...this is the one Bruce got her for Christmas and I had to get one just like it.....I do LOVE it!!

I was a little bummed with the Football games this last weekend....I was going for Brees and Mahomes...but we got Goff and Brady (again)....so while I am not really all that excited about the Superbowl in less than 2 weeks....I quickly became a Rams fan and will mostly be watching the commercials.  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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