Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September already?

Hi everyone.....how was your week?  I hope it was great.  Mine was crazy busy!

First, I had a mammogram that I had completely forgotten about......so I got that out of the way and already got my results.....looking good!  The Mobile Mammogram bus comes to my work so it is super convenient!  They even gave me a rose....it is beautiful!

Then, I did some cooking with one of Jaime's friend's girlfriends....her name is Star and she is so super sweet....I mostly drank wine while she did all the work......and I then I took the packaged meals to Jaime to have to warm up.  Thank you Star!

Darlene and I podcasted this past Wednesday....it had been about a month since our last podcast.....I really missed podcasting!  I finished knitting my Boxy Cape....

I have not put the buttons on yet......my choices were:

 and now I have gotten it down to these two choices.....I think I will probably do the first one:

I worked a little on Paige's socks and my Hugs and Kisses Blanket:

Then it was time for Paige's birthday....and our annual dinner at Texas Roadhouse:

I love these 3.....they are 3 peas in a pod!

I had a few stash enhancements.....some yarn and a book:

I started 2 new projects....I started a sweater I would like to make for Canada...it is called Lounging Top....I am using a new yarn I got from Madelinetosh called Work Sock in the Horn Colorway....it is a sport weight and I love the way it is knitting up!

I also started a 2nd virus shawl for a friend....her name is Vicki.  She commented on the podcast how much she liked the one that Darlene made that I told her I would make her one....she is allergic to wool, so I am using a stash that has 85% alpaca and 15% wool (she can have up to 20% wool).....This yarn was in my stash and I love the way it is crocheting up...but when I have to rip back, the yarn sticks to itself and it is very frustrating so I am trying super hard not to mess up

This past Saturday was the start of the Longhorn Football season.....I had to break in Max to get used to football, he seems to be okay with it....LOL!

I also put together my two IKEA RÅSKOG's  I have one by the entry to catch my mail when I walk in and one by my chair to hold my yarn winder...I am sure they will end up in other places, but for now, they are set up.

Now, with Jaime having had bypass surgery, I bought an Air Fryer and a couple of recipe books....I really wanted to make him some chicken thighs (so like friend chicken without the oil) and then one of the recipe books had avocado fries in it that I wanted to try.  I mentioned it to Jaime and he asked for Sweet Potato Fries......so:

Chicken....it was DELICIOUS and the boys ate it all up (Jaime, not so much, but he just has not been hungry).

Avocado fries....not so great...maybe I was over excited about these, but they were very tasteless.

Sweet Potato Fries....I burnt them a little, but everyone actually liked them a little crispy...they were also a hit.

On Monday, I made a Ribeye steak for myself in the Air Fryer and I really enjoyed it....so far, the Air Fryer is a plus, but it is large....and takes a lot of room on the counter so I will have to find a better place for it.

Also, as if a Bypass surgery was not enough for Jaime....now he has a kidney stone he needs to pass.   We went back to emergency clinic around 3 am Sunday thinking his pain might have been heart surgery related.....but no, it's a kidney stone, so now we need to make an appointment with a Urologist.

Lastly, when I went to Star's apartment she had two wines for me....one Gewürztraminer and one Moscato....I drank the Gewürztraminer there and she let me take the Moscato home (she does not drink wine)....I drank that wine Monday evening (along with my steak) and it is AMAZING.....best Moscato I have had.....Star really is amazing.  Now, If you do not like a sweet wine, do not try this....it is super sweet and super yummy!

Well, that is really all I have....We have lots of dr. and rehab appointments this week so I hope to get lots done on the sweater I just started.

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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  1. I forgot to vote on Ravelry but I like the ram buttons the best. Love your new yarn!!