Monday, August 6, 2018

Foggy Me Means Froggy Knitting and Crocheting

NOTE:  This was supposed to be posted last Wednesday the 1st of August, but apparently I was still feeling worse than I thought because I never hit the publish button (and did not realize it till today when I went to blog again).....Here it is all late!

Hi guys and have ya'll been?  Me?  I have been foggy the last few days.  I did go to the dr and she said I have a sinus infection and an ear infection (funny thing is, my ears were not even bothering head and stomach were)....this in turn lead to more frogging than I care to admit to.

The biggest of which was Rosanna's shawl.

I was knitting.....

 and knitting....and so happy with my progress....
 when I realized I attached a wrong color
 frogging 6 rows
 but now corrected...and I picked up all 288 stitches from the provisional cast on and am ready to do the other side!  Yahoo!

Then there is a new project.....I blame this all on the LSSK gals (Beverly and Alice for the most part) is a crocheted blanket that I thought was sooooo I got the yarn (yes, bad me on a yarn diet)....

 and watched the video and got started....I LOVE IT!

Even with the video, I screwed I had to rip out a couple of rows of the grey you see here...but I hope to get that one back on track soon.

Then there is the Hitofude......remember I started it with Darlene....well, she noticed that mine was bigger than hers and we were at the same point of knitting.....and she was I did not even frog, I just cut the yarn and started over after doing a couple of gauge swatches.

 New Start
 Trying to catch up
Lastly the Augusta Shawls seems to be the only thing I have not screwed up.....I am completely out of white and black now and only have the oranges and reds to go:

I had Antonio on Saturday and he is just like his Ga-Ma....I made bacon and he ate the whole plate (he ate his eggs first):

He also wanted to make a we did....can you see Max trying to get some too?

On Sunday was when I started feeling the morning my babies all sat with me....too bad Alexa can't get me a cup of coffee....

By Monday, Max knew I was not feeling well and did not want to leave my side.

Then yesterday I got the see the dr and get some antibiotics to help me feel better

That is also the reason I am delayed in sorry.

Oh, earlier in the week, Paige gave me a hair cut...she cut off about 5-7 inches....I love it!

Well, that is all I have......Have a great week everyone.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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