Monday, April 16, 2018

Sock Madness Round 2

Hi was your week?  Mine was great, although I wish I was still on a cruise a ship somewhere....but it was time to get back to work and back to reality.

On the day I got back from the cruise, the pattern for sock madness round 2 was sent out.......and speaking of reality, I was going to be realistic and I did not have time to knit these socks, so I did not start them.  Instead I started the fingerless mitts I need to do a test knit on.....I think I showed them to you last is my progress:

I hit a snag on the first mitt and had to rip back...

 but I got back on track:

Then I hit a bump on the mitts and they needed to go into time out for a instead of knitting on the eleventy billion other things I have started....what did I do?  I started the round 2 sock madness socks.....what was I thinking?  It's all Darlene's fault, she is the one that told me to do them.....

I started on Thursday and I got 1 and 1/2 done this past weekend......

I also dropped a stitch in the brioche and after picking it up, I have a little hole....but I think it is going to have to stay there.....cuz I am pretty sure I am not tinking back!

I worked very little on my Rugged Coat, Cruse shawl, and Harry Potter socks.......

Lastly I have some stash enhancements......Knitterly Things dyed yarn called As Ewe Like it....and I got the Bags By Awesomegrannie back to match it....this yarn was dyed to match this fabric and had a kit....but of course I only love Bags By Awesomegrannie bags...I am in LOVE!

Recently I watched the first 2 Fifty Shades movies (I love them)....and Annastasia had a purse I immediately fell in love with!

So I found it and ordered in black (the maroon was sold out anyway):

Yes, on top of being a Yarn Ho....I am a Purse/Bag Ho....I just love them!

Well, that is all I have....Here is Precious being a lazy butt (after keeping me up all night during a thunderstorm)....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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