Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Happy November!

It is November and the San Antonio weather is finally realizing it is FALL!  We have had some cool(er) weather lately and it has been nice!

The great news of the week is starting the Stephen West MKAL!  Lots of fun.  Here is my shawl so far (clue 1 done) and I am loving it!

Well, as previously  Darlene did change her are her new colors and some of her progress (I am pretty sure she is farther now):

She is still not loving her she might change.  Like I mentioned before, I picked my colors a little based off a few shirts I own....but I saw a few of my friend's colors this weekend and if I were to change.....I think I would do something like this (reminds me of fall colors of leaves).

This KAL is really the main thing I worked on over the weekend.  During the week I picked up something pretty you remember the Dr Who scarf I started for a friend back in April?  Well I feel terrible that it has sat so long...but I got a nice chunk of it done (probably more than 1/2 of this, I did this week):

I also blocked my Susanna IC MKAL...and I love the results!

I also started a hat a few weeks ago...this hat will be in the DCSPigskin Rhinebeck Weekend Show the Love KAL and also Loopy Academy.  The hat pattern is called Elsa.  I changed it a little to make it a little bigger....I am not sure who it will be for, but I hope to finish it soon.  The crazy thing is all the ends I needed to weave in for this pattern.....Thankfully Darlene got me these needles called "Finishing Needles"....they are awesome and I love them!

I started my Corn Mint Socks for a Hiya Hiya KAL....I am loving them

I also decided to sign up for the Martina Behm Strickmich!Club2015....when I got my newsletter, there was a chance to sign up early and test out their sign up I volunteered for this.  I got the club membership and this year they had a double yarn option, I went ahead and got that too....I am very excited about this!

Oh....and I mailed out my Scarf Swap package on is out for delivery today, but my recipient still has not seen it, so you guys have to wait one more week to see it.....sorry!

I am sure I have told you all about the Lone Star State Knitters group....well, I am in that group and I have the title of BAB (Baby Alpha Bitch).....this week, one of the Mod's made me the cutest signature graphic....I just love it and have to share it with you!

Well, that is all I have this guys have a great week....Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. I didn't get a newsletter from Strickmich offering early sign-up to test their page. I think I'm not getting all her newsletters. But I am definitely going to join again this year. I've decided to order the single yarn option & hope I don't regret that decision. I love the colors of your S West MKAL. Gorgeous. And the 4 yarns you posted - do you know the yarn & colorway at the top right? That is *exactly* the color I've been looking for! So much progress on so many progress. I think you are secretly a knitting machine.

    1. Thank you Paula! The color in the top right is Dream In Color's new base called "Jilly" and it is in the "Chili" colorway.