Monday, November 17, 2014


It is COLD!  and I am far south!  We had freezing temps last night and we are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight...down to 26 or 27 degrees.  Now all you people laughing at me....I live in Texas for a reason!  I do not like the cold!  But I do get to wear lots of my hand knits when it is cold and I do like that.

Last week, I started a fire and Paige brought fixin's for Smores.....they were YUMMY!!!

Antonio was sick on Veterans day (stomach bug) so I watched him that day....we played and wanted to put on my reading glasses...I have been told that these are called "Knitters" so that is what I will call them he is in my 'knitters' playing with his Halloween rotating flashlight.....

Sometimes I think this blog should be called Antonio Picture Overload......I am sorry, but I am a pretty proud Ga-Ma......I am fortunate that I get to see Antonio as much as I do.  I wish I saw Celeste, Cataleya and Alexxis as much as I see Antonio!

So.....on to knitting....what did I knit on this week?  Well, I finally finished clue 2 of the Stephen West KAL......Clue 3 came out this past Friday and I have not started it yet.  I actually just finished clue 2 today during lunch!

I also knitted on Paige's sweater....remember that one?  Well, I got both sleeves done...but I still have quite a bit of body to do.

I also knit quite a bit on these socks....they are for 2 KAL's (yes, I am double dippin'!)......I got both gussets done and now just need to do 2 feet and 2 toes!

And......I finally started that pom pom blanket for Little Mario's baby that is on the way!

I think that may be all I have for sure feels like I knitted on more items, but I guess this is it.

I also finished crocheting that bag for is the last picture I have....but once she gets the bag finished with lining, I will take another picture.

Oh....and if you listen to podcasts...there is a podcast called "Carolina Fiber Girls"...and they mentioned me....little old me....from the Double Gusset pattern I wrote up in May.  It was a small shout out...but still pretty was in episode thanks to the Carolina Fiber Girls!

I do have a stash is called a Knit Clip.  It is sold by a friend, Peg, that has an Artfire store called Lisetta's Armoire.....she has 3 different sizes and it hold your knitting needles....they are pretty cool!

Oh, and my scarf swap recipient finally got her scarf.....I got my good friend, is a picture of her and I back in July when we both went to the Stephen and Steven Tour.....

Here is her scarf.  I also got a couple of Skeleton Keys (because I know she likes them) and some Lindor Truffles Chocolate...she said she likes "Fall Colors tinged with some green" so I used this Stephen Loves Tosh colorway in Madtosh DK yarn.

and speaking of scarf swaps........Darlene (my bestie I always talk about on this blog) also participated in the scarf swap and her scarf swap person, JoAn, gave her some fabric....because she knows that Darlene makes project bags.....with the fabric, Darlene made a set for herself, a set for JoAn....and......a set for me!  She rocks!  I love her sooooo much!  Isn't this the cutest ladybug pattern you have ever seen?

I also have some yarn on the way.....Paige came over on Saturday and said that she has been wearing the same hat all week.....this is a hat I made her over 2 years ago (March 2012) she picked out some yarn and some patterns....they are on the way,...I cannot wait to cast on and tell you about them!  Here is the one from a couple of years ago....

Well, that is all I have.....stay warm everyone (I am planning on soup and a fire tonight for Monday Night Football!)....and Happy, Happy, Happy Knitting!!!!!!

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