Monday, June 23, 2014

Slowing Down.....

I feel like my knitting has been going in slow motion lately....of course, when I came to work this morning and showed Darlene what I had knitted on, she said I was a machine (she always makes me feel better!) but I really do not feel like I got a lot of knitting I have been slowing down, but need to light a fire under my behind and speed it up!

I did finish these Tour de Sock Stage one socks...but I really only had like 2 inches (max) at the top to do to finish them......these will to a Arlisa Harley....I mentioned how generous she was at the ROT rally with her RV, food, drinks....just super hospitable and I wanted to tell her thanks....and there is no better way than with a pair of hand knit socks!

While also at the ROT, I met this super nice guy named Lee.  He comes to the ROT Rally (from Brandon, Mississippi...540 miles) and stays in a tent every year in the same place.  This was my first year of tenting it....and we were just around the bushes from him....he was kind enough to let us all set up our chairs over by his tent off the main parade route road.  My friend, Jill, told him that I was a I offered to knit his wife something.  He asked me if I could knit a "Nose Mitten".  I had no clue what  nose mitten was, but he explained that when she goes out to feed the horses, that he nose gets cold.  I said okay, and asked what color.  He said "Yellow".  I got his wife's name and address and here is Dee (yes, that rhymes with Lee) Durfee's Yellow Nose Mitten:

I made it with a small skein of sock yarn from a Taste of Wollmeise Package I had.....I altered the pattern a little and the ties are an icord instead of a braid.  I found the pattern here.

I worked a little on my Stage 2 socks.  I did not finish them on time and realized it so I changed the pattern on these too.  I worked 3 repeats of Chart B on the leg, did heel flap and did a bottom gusset...but I did not do any of Chart D...I went straight to chart E.....and am keeping the little twist down the side.  I am going to make these socks for me (I love the yarn) and make a flip flop toe so I can wear them with flip flops.  I only have one sock this far...the other sock only has 2 repeats of Chart B I have quite a way till I get to finish those.

I am a little tired of working with sock, I worked on my Stephen West Smooth Move...I am only about 23% done and really need to get a move on with it....I see Stephen West and Steven Be in 13 days!  I can't wait to get to 3rd color...but it will be a while :(

I think that is about all I have....see, it does not seem like I knitted that much...but I sure tried!

I hope everyone has a great week!  I leave you with some cute dogs....I have a mini dachshund at home named baby, and a yorkie named these pics are for them...I love these:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

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