Monday, June 9, 2014

Life is the Lake!

Yes it is!  My sister has a Lake House out at LBJ Lake.....she lets me use it one weekend in the spring/summer to invite my friends out to knit....we love it out there.  We went last year and again this year....there were fewer of us this year, but we still had a blast and the view was fantastic!!!

I posted on Facebook that SSK = Sip, Sip, Knit....then look at view and repeat!

Darlene and her brutal strength, completely sliced a wine bottle open for me:

I really wanted to use the time to finish my tour de sock socks....but the pattern just required too much thinking...and charting (on the leg, there are 3 charts and a legend that were not all on one page) all the alcohol consumption probably was not helping my socks....but I loved it!  I did get some done...but just do not think there is any way I am going to finish them before 2 pm tomorrow.....who makes a pattern with 94 required leg rows?  and I am only on row 13 on one sock and I have to tink back to row 30 on the other  (I am on row 38 but forgot to do decreases starting at row 30) I have 146 rows to do today at lunch and tonight and lunch tomorrow....I doubt that will happen!

A week ago I said (and I quote) "I have way too much going on right now, but if I can make a serious dent in my Camp Loopy and Tour de sock projects...I may allow myself to cast on for Smooth Move"

Well, I cast on (the pic above) because I just could not focus on those tour de sock patterns and charts (I have to tink some rows) and Tami started on hers so I wanted to start on mine (she says in a 2 year old whinny voice)....Oh, and I got a picture of Tami after she jumped in the awesome lake!

I did get to the first color change.....It is awesome!

I worked on Camp Loopy but did not finish...I am more than 1/2 way and it is only the I am good there!

I had a stash enhancement of my Barking Dogs Yarn Sock Club come last week...I love this color and may use it for a tour de sock sock....we will see, it is called Siesta!

I have to brag on my beautiful daughter!  She was put on facebook by her work....she got a raise (she just started like 2 months ago) and they love her work!  I am so super proud of her!

I leave you with some pictures of the lake and the ducks we met at the lake....and Darlene finished her Samadhi....she was so excited!  She worked her butt off on this during the lake house visit!  Congrats!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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  1. Hey Carrie!! Thanks so much for letting me use the pictures of your Tour de Sock 2013 socks for my website. Now every time someone views and the colorway Veronica, they will see your socks pictured there as well. Thanks!!