Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Thursday!!!

I could have sworn today was supposed to be Friday because I thought yesterday was Thursday, but then my normal Thursday shows were not on TV, so I realized yesterday was Wednesday and today is Thursday.

I have had kind of a busy work has been busy and it does not feel like I have had much knitting time....what is up with that?

I did finish a couple of things....I finished the collar on Paige's sweater and I got the final sleeve on it.  Paige said she does not want a belt, so all I have left is to make 2 pockets....I also need to block it as it is a bit snug and I would like to try to 'stretch' certain parts.

I also finished the wrap for Marie....she can't wait to wear it......she calls my boyfriend, Jaime, and her hubby, Alex, a is pretty funny!

I have also been working on my Suzi Shawl.....I finally got to take a picture of Suzi's shawl so you can see how awesome it is.  I am also including a picture of the progress on mine (folded in half because I could not get it all in one shot).  I think I told you last week that I added a 3rd skein of yarn because I want it to be as big as Suzi's while my calendar was originally set to finish by end of January, I have now adjusted it to finish on Valentines day....we will see if I can do it!

The last thing I have been working on this week is my is in Biker Chick Colorway in Miss Babs Katahdin yarn....I am really loving the way the coloring is going.

That is really all I have for the knitting world this week....I know it seems kind of lame, but I hope to do better next week.....Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can still get knitting done in the evenings.....I think I will be having Antonio more and more in the evenings as Bizzle's schedule is changing (and she helps out a lot).  Speaking of Antonio.....I have another picture to share....he melts my heart!

Lastly, to everyone trying to keep those new years is one of my favorite ones that I have no problem keeping.

Happy Happy Knitting.....Have a great weekend!

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