Wednesday, January 17, 2024

One Track Mind!

 Hey everyone, how are you?  I am okay.  I have been on a one track mind lately......Darlene's Birthday!

I have finished the lap blanket (yes, I know it is super long but not super is just for her lap).  I need to weave in ends and then block.  Then I jumped on a crochet virus shawl I am making is almost done....and of course will also need ends woven in and blocking.

My nephew proposed to his long time girlfriend over the Christmas Break and she said YES!  So my sister had their engagement party this past weekend.  It was fabulous! Congrats to Sean and Leilani!

It has been pretty cold here in Texas lately....Yes, I think it has been pretty cold everywhere with this cold snap, but as I complain every year....we are really not used to it down here....LOL!  Just call me a baby elephant:

Here is Paige's pipe outside:

Speaking of Paige...she has had it rough with her house lately.....last year she had to replace her AC (a ridiculous amount of $), and this year she had a $550 water bill.....because she had a busted pipe in the groud that took a whole day to find, and about 45 min to repair.

I have been neglecting my lawn, but finally mowed it last week...I am not sure you can tell by this picture, but the grass is taller than the highest point of the motor of the was a nighmare to mow and took me forever!

I think my mother might have been doing some "winter" cleaning because she found this pic of me, with my late husband and my son......FROM 30 YEARS AGO!

Okay....the last thing I have is some yarn I bought.....the fuzzy one will probably be a cardigan for me, and the yellow will be Darlene's next Advent Stole.  My friend, Brigit, from the Netherlands is planning on doing something different with her stole this year, so I needed the yarn early.

Welp, that is all I have......Have a great week and stay warm!!

Happy HappyHappy Knitting!

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