Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Happy Mother's Day!

 It is almost Mother's Day, so instead of being late....I thought I would be the first to tell you....Happy Mother's Day!

I have been working on a buch of different stuff and only one thing really consistently.....I need to be less scatter brained, but I am what I am...LOL!  I need to focus more on one project and finish...but who am I kidding...I have always been like this.

First, I started a headband with Darlene....and finished it.  Yahoo.  This is for Peyton!

I worked a little more on Antonio's sock, turned one heel

I turned one heel in the harley socks I started too.

Then remember some of that yarn I recently bought....I want to make more virus shawls with them:

So I started two!

Lastly, I worked on my sweater for the podcast KAL.....I am almost ready for ribbing, and I think I am going to make short slevees.

I have a bunch of flower pictures for you....I love all my dogs, but Flower rarely stays inside (I think she was an outside dog with her previous owner)...and I have to snap the pics when I can....but one pic is from outside...she is silly!  I have since seen Jackson on the same table.  LOL!

That is all I have.....my last picture this time will be in honor of my daughter, Paige, and her love of plants...I have a black thumb!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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