Monday, March 20, 2023

It's Spring!

 Hello everyone....Happy First Day Of Spring!  I hope all is well with you!

I have been hanging in there....I really do not have much......but let me jump into it.

First, because I have ZERO things to work on (sarcasam at it's finest) and because I love knitting/crocheting the same things as my friends....I am going to start a new blanket.  My friend, Jennifer sent me this pic the other day and I fell in love (it is called the Primavera is on You Tube by Cj Design)....yarn will be here tomorrow:

To get in the Crochet mood....I pulled out this old one for Paige and I did a few rows

Then my son told me aboout a friend who's girlfriend is expecting next week!  So I gotta put the petal to the metal with this one.

I got the sweater to divide for sleeves...

And do you remember that puzzle I was going to get with that Pretty picture "Just a girl who loves yarn"?  Well, I ordered it 3 times and it never made it to me (I think the amazon seller might be doing some sort of fraud)....but I found a canvas on etsy and I LOVE IT!

My work sent me an amazing Edible Arrangement....and it was delicious....thank you!

Lastly, Paige posted a picture of her new space in Tres Del....and I have not been there, but need to get there soon...look how cozy!

That is all I have.....except a few cute pics of the dogs (I swear I love Purl just as much, she just does not come out of the bedroom much to get her pic taken).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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