Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Still Crushing it!

 Hey everyone....how are you?  I am doing pretty darn good....I kinda feel like I am still crushing my goals.  not only am I blogging again, but I feel pretty accomplished in my knitting/crafting world.

I have finished a few things....and I frogged like 5 this this past weekend.  Either things where they item wont fit any more or my gauge would have been of or I just was not 'feeling' it anymore.....its a good feeling.  I still have WAY too many wips...but baby steps for now!

What I have done.....I finished last years blanket!

I got January's yarn for 2023 blanket

I finished a hat (do you have a pom pom preference?).

I finished some dishcloths

I finished Darlene's Birthday present (see how many things I finished??).

I also podcasted this past weekend with Elizabeth and Melissa.....Melissa bought us each or Christmas present (we had not podcast since late November) and I love this yarn tshirt and sock knitting journal!  The yarn is Must Stash in the Bumbles Bounce Colorway!

Well, that is all I have......

Have a great week! 

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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