Thursday, October 15, 2020

Air Conditioning Woes!

 Hey have y'all been?  I am sorry, it has been about a week and a half since I posted!  This past Tuesday my AC broke....I had a repairman out yesterday and he was able to fix it, but it was pricey, so I am so sad with the price tag!

As far as knitting.....holy cow I have had tons of crap going on!  Prior to the Westknits KAL coming out last Friday, I decided to swatch....GASP?  I know....what is wrong with me?  Well, I am glad I swatched because I am not sure my colors would have worked.

Then, after a million different things, I came up with this

But I needed to order the green (the green in both photos is lace weight and already accounted for on another project) I order the green, and pay priority shipping, but it still was not going to make it to me till the Tuesday following the I went to Hobby Lobby to check out the new authentic hand dyed yarn....and I love this yarn....I almost bought all 3 of these (but didn't because I already had red and orange at home).

I came home with only the yellow (aged gold).....and I am so glad I got it.  I got started on the MKAL....while in line to pick up Antonio from School.....

Then worked on it all weekend...

Just before I was done with this. above triangle, Mr Westknits decides to drop a Bonus clue one where we have to pick up stitches.....I am half way through clue 2 bonus and need to try to finish today since clue 2 drops tomorrow

Tuesday my green yarn came in....and I love it, it just will not be part of this project....LOL!

and my hedgehog fibers yarn came in for my blanket

I blocked a couple of shawls.....

I got 2 new bags by awesome grannie bags....

I made some healthy stuffed peppers and got the greatest stitch marker box!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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