Monday, August 17, 2020

A New Podcast!

 Hey are you?  Last week I did a new podcast with two of my knitting friends.....Darlene and I stopped podcasting last November, and two ladies that go to a week knit night were asking me if I still wanted to do it and of course I said we did our first one this past Friday.  The podcast is called Purled in Texas.

Here is a link to the channel, and here is the first episode:

This week I got my new August Yarn for the Hedgehog blanket.....this color is called Dusk and it is beautiful!

I was able to finish June and July these last few days and now I just need to add August....Here is the blanket....I am pretty excited about the prospect of having August's color actually done in August!

The only other thing I have worked on this week are the two tops for Darlene's granddaughters....I had to shorten the cords.....they are now in the mail on the way back....the picture of the pink one shows the difference.

I had dinner at my sister's house this past Friday....Here is the niece is not in the picture because she is already at SMU and we had this dinner get together to say good bye for now to Sean as he leaves to UT!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting....

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  1. It is hard to hear the girl on your right in the podcast. And when we hear her, it is hard to understand her. Just an FYI.