Monday, July 20, 2020

Tennis Elbow and the Lake House

Hi everyone....I know, I know...I missed last week....but, I really have not been knitting much because of my tennis elbow.....this area hurts

and I had some Airrosti done in hopes to heal it.

It has been helping, but the knitting has been light lately.

I have a grocery delivery called Imperfect Foods....they are a little more affordable because the food is well, not the right cut of fish, or funny shaped bell pepper....well, look at these carrots.....I  put a penny on to see size....they are HUGE!  but they were delicious!

Antonio has been doing summer school.....

I got some new yarn for a test knit with beads......

and it has been so hot, even Alexa had to let me know.

I went to the lake last Wednesday and stayed till was amazing!  I had to grocery shop, and some ass hat parked super close to me (I will insert all pics soon).  I had to frog a good chunk of Bizzle's hat...but did end up finishing it as well.  I took my pink lady nuvem as has been calling for Jennifer back (LOL)!  My sister's neighbor at the lakehouse has 4 chickens....and a duck....that duck thinks it is a chicken....seriously!  It is so cute!  Then there is one pic that looks like a random picture of the end of a boat and the start of a chair float, but if you look close enough, a crane has a fish in its mouth that is just bent down and got out of the water.....look at the far away dock, the brown pole coming down the base of the dock and you can see the crane's head.  There are some turtle pics, and one where a turtle just finished biting a goose's buttock (I swear I am not kidding).  Elizabeth brought a huge Llama to the lake, and she and Mary got in the water....I got in the water too (on the paddle board) and so did Darlene and Camille, but I don't have pics of those two...LOL!

That is all I have this week.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!

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