Monday, April 20, 2020

Happy Belated Easter!

Hey everyone...How are you doing?  I am clearly not doing well when it comes to keeping the blog up to day, but it is what it is....LOL!

Did y'all have a nice Easter?  Mine was uneventful.  I had Bulky Item Pickup in my neighborhood, so I cleaned up a bit of the garage and took some crap to the corner.  I had two pieces from an old couch (Bizz wanted me to save them) so I took those to the corner.  Then, Paige and Kody and Antonio came by later in the afternoon to borrow my car.  Kody is setting up his game room at Paige's house and they were going to go to Kody's mom's house to pick up chair for his game room.....well, when Kody saw the two couch pieces, he wanted those they took those.  LOL!  It was a nice easter.

As far as knitting is concerned, I did finish my hat

And I also got my yarn for my sweater...the yarn is super hard to photograph!

I had some issues with my iMac.....that drove me a little insane

but all is well again!

Its been a little chilly here (for South Texas in April) so I had to break out my thick socks and super warm pj's!

I also wore my cotton sweater the other day and Paige said it looks cute on me!

I had to go to Paige's house to let in and pay an AC repair guys....yup, her AC was leaking and it needed some pipe replaced.....her big dog, Chief, stayed by my side...not sure if he wanted company or he was protecting me!  He is a HUGE dog, but he is also a baby!

When we were going thru the garage on Easter Sunday (to see if Paige and Kody wanted anything else) I came across some OLD laughing.....clearly perms were a thing...and Erich took this one picture of Mario, Paige and myself...I was a mess, but it was just supposed to be a silly photo (the perm pictures I think are pre Paige and maybe even pre Erich).  This is my late husband, Mario, who passed in 2004....

I am still dieting and exercising....well, not really dieting, but eating better.  Here is a picture of Paige, Antonio and Chief in her garage....I don't have any pics of me working out....LOL!

Here is some air fried chicken nuggets with Asparagus.

And I found a new to me recipe called Egg Roll In a Bowl (I have been eating this almost all week)


This is all I had to go by (no measurements), so my batch was pretty big as I had one lb turkey and one lb chicken and a 1/2 a head of cabbage.....but it is yummy...I have been eating it most of the week.

I got some yarn from someone's is Lolo Didit Everyday sock in the Hippo For Thanksgiving colorway.  When I was at Paige's house to let the AC guy in, I saw her pair of socks that I made with the Hippo for Thanksgiving color way in the Lolo's Favorite base....and that really is one of my absolute favorite yarn colors out I wanted to get another skein and make myself some socks, or fingerless mitts or something....I really love this color way!

I also got my April Hedgehog Blanket yarn.....I need to knit up March and April!

Here is a picture of my big baby sleeping with this baby...he loves stuffed animals...he's so cute!

Lastly, after I finished my hat, I cast on a hat for Bizz.....

Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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