Monday, January 13, 2020

Baby Time

Hey friend Tami is going to be a grandma.....well, she kinda already is a grandma (long story) but her oldest daughter, Dejah, is expecting next month and they had a baby shower for her this past weekend.

First, I frogged the original booties....

 started a new pair of booties...

 and finished them...

While at the party, Tami showed us these these marshmallow guns she made for her family for Christmas with pompoms as the bullets....they are so cute....I think I wanna make these for my family next year.

Here is a short video of the action:

I also worked on making a pouch for the animals in Australia

But I guess I was too slow because they have asked us to pause....I am going to keep making this one (and maybe some more) in case they ask for more.

That is all I have in the knitting/crocheting world....but I do have some pictures of the cutest dog in the world....okay, all my dogs are cute, but none of them are as photogenic as my Jax....even Bizzle says he should be a model!

And in the fitness area....I am still doing my thang!  Paige and I have almost the same body fat percentage...we have a difference of 0.02% (she has less than me, but she has it in all the right places....mine is all in my belly) that was encouraging.

I ran 4 miles trainer has me going at a more comfortable pace (to be more in the fat burning zone) and I think I can go farther with it.

Well, that is all I have this week.....I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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