Tuesday, December 17, 2019

One More Week!!!

Just one More week till Christmas!  Are you ready?

I got my tree up!

I went to an amazing Christmas Party!

Our Beautiful Hostess, Elizabeth:

Ornament Cupcakes!

Me and Jen Matching!

Ornament Exchange

While at the Christmas party, Elizabeth showed me her Chiaogoo shorties.....she puts a 3" needle on the left side and a 2" needle on the right and goes to town.....so I ordered just one size (amazon link here) to try it out.

Antonio won his last soccer game (I was not able to go)

Paige made healthy muffins

I finished the hat and started a 2nd one.

I got a new Joji bag from my friend having the Christmas party....the orange is really hard to photograph

I want to make another one of these hats with my Knitphomaniac yarn (same yarn I used to make my portage) and a lighter mohair

 I finished the first of two headbands for Yvette

and I finally got a picture of Karl with his socks....they fit!  Yahoo!!

I have been enjoying my tea calendar from Darlene.....

I also finally finished Darlene's Christmas present.....I got her the flight of stitch markers set, a little namaste case, a set of knit picks needles for making hats/sleeves and I crocheted her a Good Vibes Throw.

Well, that is all I have......have a great week everyone......here are some Christmas rules!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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