Monday, September 18, 2017

Welcome Fall!

Hey everyone....this coming Friday is the official first day of Fall and I could not be more thrilled.  I love Fall....cooler weather, changing of the leaves and of course all the orangey/brown colors....that remind me of burnt orange!

I got my yarn from Expression Fiber Arts and I have no clue what I am going to make with it...but I love is perfect fall colors!

I got a beverage mug that is just the cutest thing ever.  Darlene's nephew's girlfriend makes shirts, towels, cups, all sorts of cute things like this that you can get personalized.  My cup says Knitphomaniac and has sheep on it.  I love it!

Darlene got some towels from her nephew's girlfriend for Paige for her new house....they are fabulous.  Thanks Darlene!  I know Paige will love them!

Let me jump into what I have been doing.....I finished the last hat for Cynthia.....So now she has 3 of these, black and white.

Then it was What the Fade Time.  I did NOT have clue 2 done in time for the 3rd most of my weekend was used to play catchup...I do not think I did one single repeat of brioche without having to tink somewhere....but it is done!

Once I finished Clue 2....I put a lifeline in that puppy and did two whole rows of clue 3....and I was cooked on the What The Fade...or as Darlene calls is...What a Fade (like Whataburger...its a Texas Thing!)!

Then it was Paige time.....she wants some dishtowels/potholders for the new house....this is the pattern she picked....I think I showed my tiny start last I got a little more done on this:

Then, I am not sure if you remember me starting a sweater for her (late August)....bulky yarn on size 19 needles...well, I finished the back.  I did not bind off because I am going to see if I can somehow attach the fronts and have less seaming to do....we will see.

Well, That is really all I have....I know...does not seem like a lot...but clue 2 was 26k stitches and as of last Monday I still had 18k to go.  Now clue 3 is 25k but since it is garter, I am hoping I can catch up this week...we will see.

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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