Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Makeup is a BIG DEAL!

I am back from California....I went with my daughter to LA and Pasadena to IMATS.  It is International Makeup Artists Trade Show....let me tell you what....Makeup is a BIG DEAL!  The lines where LONG....here is just one line (time lapsed):

After we got in, there were just more and more lines.....but we had a fantastic time!  She even snap chatted how good I was doing!

Paige got some stuff that was regularly sold out...and some exclusive stuff....she even saw Jaclyn Hill (who is a very big deal).  There was even a kiosk/vending machine for makeup at the airport (yes, we got some).

The apple really does not fall far from the tree here....these are her makeup purchases just for Saturday (look familiar to a bunch of yarn laying out on a bed?)....while she did not buy a whole lot on Sunday, we did still go again on Sunday before flying home.

Here are the bands for both days:

I did go to one yarn store called The Altered Stitch (I think they host Stephen and Steven soon)...it was a lovely shop, but a little ironic for me.  I wanted to get some local to CA yarn and they not only had Madelinetosh (from Dallas) but they also had Texas Dyed Wools yarn (from Austin)....ha, ha!  I did not buy anything (see how good I am), but it was nice to go.

Now you are probably wondering if I got to knit at all (I mean, this is a knitting blog)....well, I did....while I was in line!  I did not knit much on the planes, but that is because my ears were bothering me (they still are).

I worked on the fingerless mitts for my cousin.....remember I barely had them started at the beginning of the year...I saved them for this trip:

I have the second mitt to the second red stripe....so they are coming along.  I also finished my January Socks!  These are Desert Vista Dyeworks in the Flintstones Colorway!

Lastly, I worked on my Karee Shawl:

Now, I have a couple of stash enhancements....but I won one of them!

I won a skein from Brazen Stitchery in the Northman colorway!  I love it!  Thanks Stacey!

and I bought a bag for a cross stitch project....along with Q Snap Covers!  I love the sheep!!

Oh, I also have to tell you that I had to take Antonio to the dr this past week for his vaccinations....he was such a great trooper, we got a 529 pc lego set.....he loved putting it together and playing with it!

Well, that is all I have...but I leave you with a sight seeing picture (Pinches Tacos...LOL) and pictures of the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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