Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Good Morning everyone...just a few more days till Christmas!  I am not done with everything, but I am super excited about Christmas.  I hope you all have a very happy and blessed Christmas!

I am going to jump right into it......
My little knitting group had a small gift exchange, and a day or two later, Darlene and I exchanged our gift to each other last week (she is so awesome) and I got some awesome knitting stash enhancements!

I do not have pictures of everything I got from the gals (some of it, I started using right away)..I got some goat milk soap along with goat milk lotion in grapefruit scent, a cute "I love my Chihuahua" night light, a hand made ornament that is a longhorn bag with knitting coming out of it, a bottle of wine, a lanyard to hold my badge at work that is made out of sheep material, and a medium Bags by Awesomegrannie bag.  I am not sure if you remember my very first ever bag that Darlene made that was a wedge with a zipper?  I thought it was Christmas of 2013, but it was near my birthday of 2014....I talked about it here.  Well, she made me a medium bag with the same material!!!

For mine and Darlene's gift exchange, she took it to the next level and made me a big bag of the owl material.....I am just speechless because it is so awesome!  She also got me a new Graces cases to hold my will be made with the owl material and the sheep material (from my other big bag) so I can carry it with either bag and it will is not here yet, but I know I will love it!  She also got me a little pouch to hold my phones at the new building we are in.  Thank you Darlene!

For her Christmas present I decided to knit her something and also get her some Madeline Tosh yarn so we can make a shawl together.

I knit Silenzioso for her out of a Wollmeise Lace in Green.....Now, I have been knitting this since September and I was wondering if any of my readers would notice that I had slowed down considerably in my knitting (because I could not talk about knitting on this)?  Turns out, I fooled you all!  Here is the finished shawl (ravelry page with in progress pics).....and she loved it!

Here is the yarn I got for her (and for me)...I know I do not have to mention this, but the red is hers and the 'saffron' is mine.  We are going to make the Karee shawl.  Now I am sure it is not pronounced "Carrie", but I like to think it is :)

I also got another package from the HiyaHiya Scarf swap...this package is from Diane in Kansas...this yarn is so "HAPPY"!

I also went to Comfort with Jaime this past weekend to get some deer meat that was done being processed from the Meat Market.....Well, when in Comfort, you have to stop at Tinsmith's Wife.  The last time I was there, I got this bottle of Wrapture soap to soak hand knits in.  Well, I used this soap to soak Darlene's wrap in and she LOVED the smell...and I LOVE the smell too.  So, I stopped and got her a bottle and a couple more for me.

 Okay, I think that is it for Stash onto the knitting.  I mostly knit on Darlene's wrap at the beginning of this past week (desperately trying to finish).  Then I worked on my niece's socks....

Now, for Christmas my niece is getting these socks, but she is also getting a 'sock making kit' from me.  I got her a Bags by Awesomegrannie Bag with matching notions and needle holders, a sock ruler, a set of addi sock rocket needles and some knit picks felici self striping yarn.  I started the toes for her so all she has to do is knit in the round for a while (you can barely see them sticking out of the needle holders).

Lastly, I worked on Chris's socks.  Now, Paige and Chris broke up, but I am still going to finish his socks for him...they are still good friends :)

Now to tell you about my soon to be next project....converse socks/slippers.  I was tagged on FB by a couple of friends with these cute Converse style socks/slippers.  Well, my sweet Aunt Irene from Canada saw them and wants a pair.  So I ordered the yarn for it and it should be here this week.  I still have 2 or 3 things to finish before I start, but I will be making them soon.....Oh, and Darlene will be joining me as she thinks her oldest granddaughter will love them!

WHEW....that is it!  I leave you with the cutest kid in the world (yes, it is Antonio) and his first ever gingerbread house!  I am so proud of him!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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