Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Monday.....

Oh how I wish it was Friday already.  Monday is my least favorite day of the week (unless I have it off of course).  But here we are.....

What have I been up to?  Well, I finished You're Beautiful....Yahoo!!!  I even blocked it!

I got a better picture of my shrug.....

Oh, I also finished Paige's bed socks....Yes, one looks a little bigger than the other, but that is only because I tried one on and not the once she puts them both on, she will be fine.  She does love them!  I still need to make some for Antonio.

Then....I really should have been working on Camp Loopy #2 pattern (Rosen Bridge) but I got this wild hair on Friday to cast on for Ingot.  It is a big loose drapey cowl....and the Yarn that Darlene got for me in Virginia is perfect for it!  It is Neighborhood Fiber Co the Del Ray is perfect!

Here it is in process:

Here it is finished....I think I will block it to make it stretch nice and long!

That is it on the knitting front...but I have a few stash enhancements.....First, my friend Danna started dyeing should check out her shop Knit Knerd Yarn.  She came over to SNB on Saturday and I bought this skein from, not my typical colors, but I want to make some green and black socks!

Also, Camp Loopy #3 was announced last I ordered yarn for the Ashworth Scarf...Darlene and I are going to make it in BLACK...yes, BLACK...we are going to be complaining the whole time because black is so hard to see....but we are going to love the finished product (I also made it to London, England in the Loopy Ewe rewards):

Now....Drum Roll Please.......My DyakCraft Northern Light Nickel needles came in.....I cannot wait to use these puppies.  I will probably put my Rosen Bridge on them, and of course start Camp #3 with them once it is time to start camp.

Well, that is all I have.....I watched Cateleya on Saturday....Celeste went to the coast with her other Grandma, so Cateleya had some Oma time.  I love her curls.....she is such a cutie.

Then, Antonio was with his Great Grandma on his dad's side, and he got a they brought him to my house Saturday afternoon....poor guy seemed miserable at first......

But then, after some medicine, he ate a little, and eventually got back to himself...but he is still sick...he woke up with 101 fever this morning, so my mom is watching him today.

I will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

Well, that is all I have........Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

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