Monday, December 29, 2014

Bye Bye 2014!

Can you believe that today is the last Monday of 2014?  Where has the time gone?  Have you made goals for 2015?  Did you meet your goals of 2014?  I did make some 'generic' goals for 2015.....and I made about 1/2 of my 2014 goals.....not all of them, but I did okay.  My biggest goal of 2014 was to knit more than I did in 2013....and I met that goal, so that felt good!

In 2015, I really want to finish some WIPS that have just been hanging out for too long (because I got interested in other things).....In trying to do this.....I was crazy knitter these last few days.  First....Paige said that I 'promised' her the Breezy Cardigan for Christmas....I do not remember making that promise....but I worked like crazy and got it to her just a couple days late.  She was okay with the dye lot issue (she actually liked the way it looked) and she also said that the pictures I shared last week just enhanced the differences....the colors are not that different with the naked eye.  I have never blocked a sweater before, but I think I did kind of okay.

Before blocking:

During Blocking:

After Blocking:

And the model (who hates to have her picture taken, but knows it is part of getting knitted items): 

She really loves it and I am tickled pink about it!  I posted it on FB and had a couple people comment on me making them one and how much would I charge.....I am not going there....I still have not finished the Dr Who scarf I said I would make for a friend's son......

Do you remember me mentioning Loopy Academy?  Well, I bought yarn for it months ago and I kept telling myself that I need to get that done...deadline is this Wednesday.  Well, I did not have any friends join me on this journey, so I found it more difficult to knit on because I did not have anyone 'knitting with me'.....but I really want to try to finish this first semester, so after Paige's sweater....I hit the mittens.  I had one almost just needed the thumb....then the second and it was not so bad......1 of 3 done!

A little closer so you can see the subtle yarn color changes:

Then there was a hat....I had been working on this Elsa Hat here and there....but it was time to get it finished.....2 of 3 done!  Please excuse the no makeup, bad lighting, no filter was late, but I was happy it was done.

The last thing for Loopy Academy is a Cowl....this is the Monster Cowl for my sister.  I am only about 20% done and I need to get it done in 3 days....wish me luck!!!

Now for a stash enhancement I am really excited about.  You guys know I have some Darn Pretty Needles by DyakCraft....well, I always wanted to try the Northern Lights.....the metal version, but they did not sell them.....well, they finally started selling them again.  I ordered mine in Mid November and got them Christmas ever!  I really love them!  I am now thinking of getting the 3.5" set (yes, I know I have a problem)!

I sent back my Hazelnut 5" needles to get the tips redone from regular tips to lace tips! My 3.5" Vermont Apple set is also ready and they should be shipping both of them to me this week.  I am really excited!

I finally blocked my Stephen West Shawl!

How was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful.  We have a 'different' kind of Christmas way, they are not just any sandwiches, and when I tell people that, they have a hard time understanding....these are the cream of the crop mother makes tar-tar (I know that is not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it) and then we have all sorts of cheeses, and capers, and cream cheese with lox, and sopressata, and prosciutto, Gelbwurst.....and so many more I thought I would share our spread with you!

I also made out like a bandit for son, daughter, and Antonio got me some charms for my Pandora of them is a knitting cute!

Then my boyfriend, Jaime, got me some more charms and my parents got me boyfriend got me the football helmt and the UT dangling one....he also got me another longhorn one, but it did not fit, so I am asking him to return it and get me some slippers.  My parents got me the letters 'K' and 'N'......for my birthday in February, they will give me the 'I' and the 'T' to spell "KNIT".....I am super excited!

The grands got lots of fun stuff too....I was super excited to give the Ninja Turtles 4 wheeler to Antonio, and then I did not get a single picture of him on it (I was really excited and forgot...but Cataleya really loved it too!)...I got some pics (below) of all the grands having fun....I have not seen Alexxis or Mario yet to give them their presents....

I  hope everyone has a Happy Happy New year!  and Happy Happy Knitting!!!!

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