Monday, July 7, 2014

Stephen and Steven Tour 2014

Are you ready for picture overload?  I have lots of pictures to share with you this week.  First let me give you a small update on my Tour de Sock socks.......I have been making progress but I have not worked on them since last Friday....I am really enjoying this pattern!!!

Now for the Stephen and Steven Tour 2014....they are fabulous....if you have a chance to go see should.  We had a great time!  First, when we got to our hotel, one of our rooms was not ready so the hotel bought us all dinner......Yup!  It was yummy....I even have a picture of my desert because it was so cute.

At the even there was tour exclusive yarn:

Here is what I got......I got some of the tour exclusive yarn by Three Irish Girls in colorways "Luck be a Lady" and "Sin City":

That was all I was going to get....I swear....but then Tami had to go and find the new Dream in Color yarn in a new base called Jilly......Yup, you guessed it...they had the most beautiful burnt orange colorway called "chili" and I got another colorway called "brownie" to go with it (Tami, the enabler got the same thing, two of the Chili and one of the Brownie).....

While waiting to go to this tour.....Darlene aka AwesomeGrannie saw on Instagram the new Plucky Knitter's colorway called "ph" for Stephen West there was a pink colorway above called "v" for Steven Be) I had to get her some......I also got her some Madeline tosh light merino in the "Knitting is dead Sexy" was tour exclusive and I think it will make a great Welty Pattern (by Stephen West) along with the is hers: yarn was wound (in hotel room) and we had dinner....we all knitted (there was a group of 7 knitting gals total) in the lobby for a while and then it was time for a good night's rest.......and we were off.....


What did I learn?  Most importantly, I learned that Steven B has 42 WIPS which means that since my count is not that high, that I can cast on more projects (I have officially been given permission!)....Also, Stephen West said that it is OKAY to buy yarn to match your outfit and it is also OKAY to buy an outfit to match your yarn......these are the important things!

What can I say.....I had the time of my life......I want to thank Stephen and Steven for a great time and a great big thanks to Elizabeth for getting me in the class!!!  I do want to thank Hill Country Weavers or putting it on.....but I have to say I was not impressed with the organization at all.  At the last minute (Saturday)....HCW decided to open up more seats to the even and called the ppl on the waiting list......this meant that my great friend Ruby Cruze got to come.......

Now.....I am super excited they opened up a seat for Ruby (Yes I am being selective here)....but the bottom line is they opened up too many seats...there was not enough room...we were crammed like sardines into one tiny room.....then lunch came and it was pure seems that if you were taking the Stephen West class in the afternoon, you were supposed to have lunch with Steven Be and vice versa....but they never 'announced' that to seems that they announced it to new comers (ppl who were not in the morning classes) but not to was just seat was taken (even though all my friends told the lady she could not sit there because I just went to go get my plate of food and I would be right purse was there, my whole knitting bag, etc) was just a three ring circus....being crammed in the little room means that neither of the Steph/vens were able to get to the back corner or anywhere to their left side because the tables (and sardine people) were blocking them.  Also, there was very little tour yarn.  HCW sent an email telling us we can buy tour yarn on Saturday starting at 1 and we were there at about 1:03.....there was ONE skein of that 'ph' yarn for sale and one skein they were using to show everyone (so basically I got the only two skeins) and at first they said we could order some then they said we couldn't....but they must have been holding back skeins of yarn for friends because on Sunday, my friend asked if they had anymore of that yarn and they said 'No' but after my friend paid, they pulled out 3 skeins of the "ph" yarn for the next lady in line......okay.....rant over.....besides selling way too many seats and being unorganized.....I would not have traded it for the world....I had a fabulous time.....can you tell by the pictures?

Above is my friend Elizabeth (who got me the seat to the show) with Stephen and her Verticies Unite!

Below is our whole group wearing one of Stephen West's shawls!

Here is a picture in front of the yarn store....if you look close, you might be able to find me

I even got their signatures on my Tour Book and they each signed their own patterns!

I could not decide with yarn to use for Stephen West's Welty pattern....but in the end I decided to use the 'Tour Yarn'.  Here is my progress:

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!  

And just in case you do not go into picture is my favorite:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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