Monday, March 25, 2013

WOW....what a week!  I think I mentioned last week that I had a conference to go to in the Grapevine area and that started my crazy week.  The great news is that I got to meet two ladies from my online knitters group (Lone Star State Knitters).  I sooooo wish I had taken a picture, but we were so busy chatting that we all forgot.  We had a wonderful dinner at Salerno's in Flower Mound.  Then we went to a Starbucks down the road to chat and knit.  It was the best day of my entire week.  I also found out there was seminar/conference in the same hotel for "women who find and express their bliss by publishing online".  I did not know that a seminar/conference like that even existed.  It is called BlissDom'13.

I got lots of knitting done while in Grapevine.  I finished my Pagona shawl and I love it.  It was a little awkward to block, but it turned out great!!!  I used the yarn I won from Camp Loopy last year to make this.  I have fallen in love with Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere yarn!

Do you remember the hat and scarf I made for my cousin's daughter in Germany?  Well, her Birthday was this past Saturday and she got the package in time and love is.....she is very beautiful and it looks great on her.

Remember that KAL for Viajante I said I was going to do...well, there are two of them at the same time....I started that while at my hotel on Wednesday and worked on it a little bit yesterday.  I am 'almost' ready to join in the round.

I came home late Friday (after way too many hours in my car).  On Saturday, Jaime and I went for a much needed motorcycle ride.  We started at Javelina Harley where they were having a "Rockabilly Rumble" and then we rode to Sister Creek Vineyards near Twin Sisters, Luckenbach, Comfort and back home.  It was a great ride and I got a little sun burnt.

Do you remember the pin wheel blanket I cast on 820 stitches for?  Well, on Sunday I was knitting on it and my needle broke after I was on row 14 (more than one skein done) and I lost 116 stitches.  I tried to pick them up, but it was too frustrating.  I am overly bummed about it.  I am not sure if I will start over or not.  I just contacted Signature Needle Arts and they better replace it (I secretly want them to offer to knit it back to where it was before I had to frog the whole thing).  I threw away the 108 grams/224 yards (and yes, I was crying)!  

While I was gone, I had some deliveries on the way.  When I got back....I have a nice stack of boxes waiting for me....mostly wollmeise.  I really need to go on a yarn diet after here is my last shopping spree (for a while I hope).

I love all the colors.  I guess I was in a 'pink' mood last week.  I was hoping the last one on the right would have been a little brighter (like the 4th one from the right) but that is ok.  I will either sell it or find something to do with it.

I also got some cute tape measures....The Loopy Ewe had a Wollmeise update and when I purchased wollmeise from TLE (the three skeins on the left), these were already in my cart and hitched a ride to me....I really love the sock monkey!  I should have gotten two of him ;)

I think this week I will mostly be knitting on Viajante (Unless I decide to re try that 820 stitch cast on blanket).  Happy Knitting and Happy Monday to everyone!!!


  1. *Gasps!* I'm SO sorry about the pinwheel blanket!!

  2. Ouch! I would cry too. And I probably shouldn't ask but I am asking... where are you doing that KAL? The pattern is soooooo tempting!

    1. Danna, the KAL is in two places on Ravelry. I think I tried to post to your last question on this:

      Danna, one started this past Sunday ( ) and one started yesterday ( I am doing both and just started mine yesterday.

  3. Jeez Carrie! How sad about the pinwheel blanky. At least you have that nice, shiny Wollmeise to take your mind off of it.

  4. Yikes (or a's worthy) on the blanket! I'm glad the package helped ease the pain!