Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello all my followers out there (LOL).  How has your week been?  How's the knitting?  Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great birthday....thank you to all who sent me birthday wishes.  I had one friend make me a special card I wanted to share with everyone....I just love it!!  She said the flower reminded her of YARN!  Yeah!

My knitting has slowed down since I finished the Lazy Girl Shawl....and, I actually already have yarn to make another one (yes, I am crazy addicted to knitting...hence the name, knitphomaniac)!

Here are the colors for my next Lazy Girl Shawl (Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Black Pearl and Jitterbug in Sahara):

I have been SLOWLY working on my January Socks....the deadline is in 2 days (the 28th) and I do not think I will make it....here is their progress:

I have also wanted some 'no think' knitting, so I pulled out my nuvem....I have only done about 50 grams of 300+, but hey, at least I pulled it out and knitted a little on it.  I have a friend making this (she is a speed knitter) and she just did the HUGE increase row...now she just has 6 rounds and binding off....she said all the stitches barely fit on a 47" circular....YIKES!  It just looks like a big lump of yarn, but here is a pic of my progress:

I leave you with pics of my daughter with her son (my angel grandson, Antonio).....they make me smile everyday (along with my knitting)!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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