Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well Hello everyone.  I have been sick lately with what I think is a bad sinus infection.  I go to the dr today so hopefully I get some good meds for it.  I finished some socks this past weekend.  My daughter really likes anklet or "No Show" socks, so I made them short:

Also, my granddaughter's aunt is in the hospital and had a baby yesterday....a cute little girl....so I found this sweater on ravelry to knit....ran to Hobby Lobby to get some if the "I Love This Yarn" in pink because I did not have any suitable pink in my stash (Mostly orange...go figure)....the pattern says it is a "Quickie 5-hour sweater" but it has taken me over 5 hours so far....just about 4 rows to go on the bottom and then the sleeves....it is quick, but not quite 5 hours (at least not for me).....

I wanted to make one of these patterns below but ravelry would not let me pay with pay pal all day yesterday....so I bought them today...I may be making them in the future:



The Lazy Girl KAL is coming along really well.  Here are some pics of the ladies' shawls from my group.


Jo's (sorry for the sun glare):


I am on the decrease of mine...but I have not taken a recent picture....I will have to do that soon and share with you.

Lastly....a picture of the happy grandson coloring.....he is just the cutest (I know I am biased):

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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