Monday, August 27, 2012

I am sorry I have neglected this blog for a whole week, but I have been busy with deadlines on my knitting.  I had to work on a scarf is the scarf I made, my recipient liked it.  I also gave her a S.A.B.L.E pin (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy) because she has the largest stash of anyone I know, and I gave her some baseball mit stitch markers because she loves baseball:

Then I needed to get busy with Camp Loopy Project #3.  Tonight is the deadline.  I only have a few more pattern repeats to be done.....wish me luck.

There is a lady that used to come to my Stitch N Bitch every Saturday, but then she could not make it on Satruday's so she does a Stitch N Bitch at her house on Thursday evenings.  Our group name is San Antonio Stitch N Bitch.  A few years ago, her husband got a big embroidery machine....and look what he made me:

But gets better....not only is it burnt orange with orange thread.....look at the back of it:

Isn't that AWESOME!!!!  It is a stick man knitting a sweater, and not just any sweater....a Longhorn Sweater!  I love it!  Thank you Margi and Rusty!!!!!
Today, during lunch I taught another lady to knit.....her name is Suzi and she did a fantastic job.  Here is the beginning of her scarf.....way to go Suzi!

OK, I hope to post more later this week.....Happy Monday everyone!

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